Isn’t $500 per child a lot to ask?
A very good question!  With federal and state funding cutting back each year, it’s our responsibility to fill the remainder of the school’s budget.  It’s estimated that $500 per child will cover these costs that allow us to keep our curriculum specialists, PE program, art/music/science funding, field trips, and more.


I thought public school was free?
Tuition is not required at public schools, but there are still many financial needs that are provided by the families in attendance.


Are there going to be more fundraisers like this throughout the year?
Fundraising is FUN and we like to give various ways to keep everyone involved!  Pride establishes Washington’s budget for the next school year and its importance cannot be stressed enough.  There will be many other opportunities throughout the year, like social events, grade-specific fundraisers – and, of course, our awesome Move-a-Thon in the spring.  However, Pride is the cornerstone for setting the budget and we want to make sure that our incredible resources at Washington receive full funding.


Can I see where my donation is going?
There is an easy-to-read chart on Pride’s website that shows how the funds are distributed.


If I can’t give $500, can I still make a donation?
Absolutely!  We call this campaign “Pride” because we want ALL families to be proud of their place in our community at Washington.  Determine an amount that is right for your family and donate with PRIDE that you are part of something very important.


If I can’t give $500 all at once right now, can I split up the payments?
Many families chose to set up monthly payment plans with recurring payments that occur for a preset number of months.  To arrange these payment plans, we recommend using the Pride envelopes that will be sent home in the Thursday folders or distributed at the school entrances.  There are easy directions for arranging monthly payments of whatever amount you choose for your set amount of time.


Can I have a vote in where this funding is distributed?
Attending PTO meetings is a great way to get involved in budget discussions and our school’s needs!  The first PTO meeting of the school year is Tuesday, September 20th, at 6:45pm.


How long is the Pride campaign running?
It doesn’t last long, so get your donations in ASAP!


How can I get my children involved?
We want each child to be proud of their place at our school.  Talk with your family about how you think it is important to be part of a giving community – no matter what the amount is.  Let your children know that you are turning in an envelope…or better yet, let them be the ones to put the envelope in the box!  The smiles on their faces are priceless, knowing that they are giving to their school.


I donated last year. Should I give again this year?

Please do.  Each years’ budget is independent from previous years.


Is there a company-matching program?
Yes!  Several employers within our community have programs available. Please inquire directly with your employer to see if they’ll help support Washington or contact any PTO member for a list of previous supporters.


Are my donations anonymous?
Your sealed donation envelope is only opened by the PTO treasurer and your family’s name and donation amount are not shared with anyone other than the treasurer.


Can I give more than the suggested $500?
The sky is the limit!