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How to Use Samples to Write the Best Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is among the most popular writing assignments with teachers. It is a typical writing task, especially in the lower levels of education. These essays detail an experience or event by the writer. It is a story recounting what happened, and the main idea is to entertain. While most narratives are in written form, you will also find narratives in video and other formats.

Writing a narrative essay is not easy, and most students have a hard time completing their tasks. Coming up with essay ideas, topics, and telling a flowing story is tough. However, you can use samples of narrative essays available at custom thesis writing services to get started.

This guide explores what you can learn from these samples and how they can improve your writing.

Learn How to Write the Introduction

The best sample essays have impressive introductions, and this is the first thing you should learn. Writing an introduction for any piece of writing is not easy, yet this is the most important part.

In the introduction, you give a hint of what is to happen while also providing a setting for the story. A good introduction shouldn’t give away too much information about the story. It lays the grounds and captivates the reader to continue.

From the selected samples, you will also learn how to use suspense to entice the reader to move on to the other paragraphs.

Flow of Ideas

One of the toughest things when writing a narrative essay is to arrange your story logically. There are different styles of writing, but whichever you choose, it should be easy for the reader to follow the action.

Many students have great stories to tell but fail when it comes to arranging their thoughts. Reading sample narrative essays will help you understand how to arrange ideas harmoniously.

It all starts with an outline for your essay, where you list the main components of your story. You should then define where each of these ideas will go in your essay outline. This guarantees you don’t leave any important aspect of your story.

Development of ideas

Another tricky part of narrative essay writing is the development of ideas. You have to develop every idea fully for it to contribute to the story. You should not jump from one idea to the next before fully elaborating the same. For your story to enjoy harmony, you must develop their ideas to their conclusion.

Learn How To Conclude Your Narrative

After captivating your audience with great action, you have to wind up and tie everything up smoothly. Writing a conclusion can make or break your story. For this reason, you have to ensure you end with a bang.

Your conclusion should leave the reader satisfied, and this takes a lot of mastery. By reading different samples of narrative essays, you can see how more experienced writers do this.

Are you planning to write a narrative essay? Why not start by reading several sample essays? These will give you more insight on the basics of writing a winning story.