How To Draft A Top-Notch Essay About Change

Change is one of the few things in life that is inevitable: people, technology, and other things change. You are not the same way you were ten years ago. Your way of reasoning and financial position might have changed a bit.

Writing an essay about change is, no doubt, an interesting paper. But if you don’t see the need to learn how to write it yourself, you can seek cheap professional writing help. In this article, we will look at tips to write a better essay on the topic “change.”

What are the steps to take when writing an essay about change?

There are things your grader expects you to include in your change essay. Those are the things that will make you score high in your paper. Now the question is, what are they? Assuming you are writing an essay on “how to change your country,” how do you intend to go about it?

These are the things you need to consider when drafting your paper. Let’s go through the various steps you can take.

  1. What do you hope to change?

    Look around you and read the news; do you find any problem you think you can change? If no, then start brainstorming. You will discover there are many problems your country is experiencing that needs urgent intervention.

    However, it’s advisable to choose a problem that has a solution, and one you know too well. You can choose problems related to health, drug abuse, environment, or education.

    Once you have the topic (problem), next would be to come up with brilliant ideas on how to solve them. The good thing about writing these types of essays is that finding inspiration isn’t that difficult. If you love your country and believe many things are going wrong, then you will find it easier to develop great ideas that will put an end to the problems in question.

  2. How do you intend to carry out the change?
  3. You want to solve a problem in your country. So start by mentioning the various routes you intend taking. What are the most cost-effective strategies you wish to deploy that will bring massive results? Think about them carefully and include them in your paper.

    Again, highlight the various bodies, celebrities, organizations, or persons whose help you are going to seek. How do you intend to convince them to develop an interest in your project? You also need to consider that.

  4. Where would you focus your change project?
  5. You plan to change your country, agreed! But you have to start somewhere. If you are dealing with substance abuse, then you might want to start from places where the incident of this abuse is highest.

    If you can touch these areas and make a massive impact, then you can focus on other parts and replicate the same success.

Examples of topics for this type of essay

  • How would you change substance abuse in your country?
  • How can you bring change to the society you live in?
  • What is the major problem you would like to change in your country?
  • How can you make the world a better place?
  • How can you put an end to substance abuse in the world?


Writing an essay about change is always exciting. You will even find more inspiration and deliver top-notch paper when you are writing about something you know. You can follow the tips in this article to deliver a top-quality paper that will capture your grader’s interest and make your paper a huge success.

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