Application Essay That Rocks – How To Write It

If there’s one thing high school students dread, it has to be the college application process. It is a long-winding and tedious process. There’s a lot of fear as many students today miss out on their preferred college choices. After completing application forms and doing all the tests, you still have to write an application essay. That could mean the difference between acceptance and rejection.

There are thousands of other students applying for the same college seat. To stand out from the crowd, you have to impress with your essay.

For this reason, you have to prepare your essay carefully to get it right. This guide offers tips on how to write a winning college application essay.

Read the Writing Guidelines Carefully

Many college applicants rush to write application essays without considering the writing guidelines. Every college has unique writing requirements, and you should go through these with a fine-tooth comb.

Failure to follow these guidelines gives the admission officer a poor impression of you. Look at the prompt, page limit and word count, style, and any other requirements.

Choose a topic that Highlights you

Many students focus on praising the college and giving reasons why they would like to join such an institution. However, the admission officer knows about the college, but they know nothing about you. They want to know what value you will add to the college.

This is why you should choose a topic that highlights your qualities. Share a personal story or experience that best describes your personality and qualities. Don’t regurgitate everything in your application but instead, show who you are through the essay action.

Start With a Compelling Introduction

A powerful introduction can make or break your essay. The admission officer has hundreds of essays to go through, and you should captivate them instantly.

Use a captivating hook in the form of an anecdote, shocking fact, statistics, vivid description, or any other captivating style. The idea is to keep the reader on the page and urge them to continue.

A good introduction will leave the reader in no doubt about the quality of your paper. It spikes their interest in your story and keeps them reading to find out more.

Use Your Own Voice

The admission officer reading your application essay wants to know the real you. For this reason, you have to avoid using other people’s ideas, phrases, and opinions.

This application essay is about you, and you should use your own voice to tell the story. Writing about real experiences reveals much about your character, and this is what the admission officer needs.

Create An Outline

Before you start writing, create an outline for your work. Once you find a good topic, select the ideas you wish to highlight and identify where they fit in the essay. The outline makes it easier to write an organized essay.

Seek a Qualified Second Opinion

After researching and writing your application essay, you should get an objective assessment of your work. Give the essay to your parents and teacher for evaluation. Don’t show it to everyone because the feedback might overwhelm you.

There you have it. Writing a college application essay doesn’t have to be such an arduous task. Plan, use a powerful introduction, write authentically, and use your unique voice. For qualified assistance, we advise you to hire Mycustomessay.com.

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