Choosing The Best U.S. History Essay Topics

Are you struggling to come up with a topic for your history essay? If so, you are not alone. Many students have a problem choosing the best topic for their paper. The pressure to find the ideal topic forces students to wait until the last minute, which compromises the quality of their work. This also presents problems when it comes to meeting deadlines.
This guide examines how you can easily choose a topic for your U.S. history essay and also gives samples to get you started.

Tips for choosing U.S. History Topics

To get the best topics for your essay, consider the following:

1. The essay guidelines: The topic you choose must conform to the given guidelines. Some teachers will specify the type of essay you should write, and this also affects the topic you can choose. For instance, if you have to write an argumentative essay, descriptive essay, or commentary essay, the topic choice will vary.
2. Brainstorm for ideas: Talk to your family, friends, and other students to create a shortlist of U.S. history topics. It will also broaden your perspective.
3. Don’t pick a wide/narrow topic: When choosing the topic, avoid covering too much of any subject because you won’t have enough space to exhaust everything. Similarly, you should not narrow down your topic to the extent that you can’t find enough material to write a good essay.
4. Choose an interesting topic: If you want to write an interesting history essay, then pick an interesting topic. Look for something that interests you, and you will have it easy in your research.
5. Consider research materials: When choosing a topic for your essay, consider the availability of research materials. Don’t pick a topic is you can’t find materials to support your arguments.

Sample U.S. History Essay Topics

i. Discuss the Causes of the Revolutionary War
ii. Explore the philosophy of Manifest Destiny and its impact
iii. Discuss the Causes of the Civil War
iv. Discuss the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794
v. What was the impact of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation
vi. What was the Mormons’ influence in America’s west settlements?
vii. Why did the U.S. lose in the Vietnam War?
viii. What are the lasting impacts of the Cold War on America?
ix. What were the greatest achievements of the Abolitionist movement?
x. Discuss the Impact of European colonization on Native Americans
xi. What was McCarthyism, and how did it affect American politics?
xii. Explain the impact of the Transcontinental railroad and westward expansion
xiii. Discuss the Salem Witch Trials
xiv. Explain the Cuban missile crisis and how it shaped the cold war
xv. What were the reasons for North-South confrontation during the Civil War

These are only a few U.S. history topics to consider for your essay. When comparing them, make sure you confirm it meets the requirements of your essay guidelines. You should also consider the objective of your essay, your target reader, and choose an appropriate topic.The availability of research materials is also a key consideration.<.p>

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